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Project Wicker // The Library

I’m a little bit excited about this project, y’all. And maybe a tad jealous of the new spaces we are creating. This busy family of six is very cool and super stylish, but their one-dimensional Athens Five Points cottage just was not reflecting their personal style. It wasn’t reading true to their esthetic, and it needed a statement piece.  Jade O’Connor Designs to the rescue!  #BOOM!  Custom reclaimed wood wall.  Done and done.

OB-Wicker Library

So when they called me and said, “Hey, Kid, renovate this,” I was like “With pleasure, my Dears!”  Dad, Mom, three little girls and a toddler boy fill this home with laughter and love while their chic parents play piano, write books, and successfully navigate their own careers. It’s a beautiful artistic crew of well-spoken, well-mannered peeps. And now their home will reflect that.

We started with a little forgotten room off the family room. A small space we dubbed, “The Library,” which is really the TV room, which is really the man cave. We painted it a gorgeous navy, and by drawing inspiration from a past project we completed this summer, Project Polo Club, the Sons of Sawdust installed a reclaimed wall as the main design element in this newly transformed room.

Next we’re filling the space with great pieces including a vintage inspired leather sofa, a modern media cabinet and a whole mix of lovely randomness. You know how we love a mix!  We will hang color close-ups of the cute kids in the space and add in additional seating, a woven rug, some cool patterned poufs and “Voila!” It will be magic. Okay, maybe not magic, but it will become a pretty awesome room.
Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 12.40.42 PM

BONUS: Let’s check out Project Wicker’s new striped hallways! This boring, sad, dark, little hall needed LIFE! So we striped her, and now she’s a beauty. Our next project is creating an art gallery of the children’s artwork and family photographs. We’re mixing mediums and textures with the art and playing with frame sizes. We have a plan, but we’re going to add in some surprise finds to make it extra special. More updates coming soon!  Stay tuned…




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