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Suburban Bitches August Challenge


I think I squealed with the ladies at Suburban Bitches asked me to be their guest designer for August. I’m pretty sure I did. If you are not reading their blog, you are totally missing out. It’s funny. And each month they tackle one design project. This month they asked me to work on styling bookcases. So here is a little project we did. This client just wanted an update. Her room needed to be pulled together and fast. She has 12 people coming into town this weekend for the first game of the season. Go Dawgs! It was a hodgepodge of nicknacks. No rhyme or reason. See our first post about it here. So we added depth with paint and dimension with framed art and symmetry with accessories and continuity with similar pieces. We think it turned out rather well. Don’t forget to also check out Amy, Rosa, Sarah and the lovely ladies at Suburban Bitches as they style some shelves as well!

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I just got back from Vegas, y’all. I am dehydrated and exhausted. But in the best possible way. 48 hours with two friends in Las Vegas was fun on the run. We stayed at the Palazzo, which was priced well... read more

Botanical l o v e

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While we we are designing a new space, we are always sure to incorporate pieces that we think represent and speak true to the client. Right now we are working on a project where the client loves plants – greenery –... read more
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Spoon me

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We love our clients. Especially when they are up for doing something totally different. (Remember our art with a purpose post where our client let us have our way with two canvases for his dining room?). Well now meet our friend... read more

Lovely // Picnics

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Todays feature on lovely revolves around all things picnic. There is something so intimate and quaint about a well planned picnic. Enjoy xx Picnic wedding //  Picnic crate // Picnic trailer // Picnic baskets // Picnic lights // Picnic tent // Picnic... read more