Beyonce + Me


This is the summer of Beyonce. Her new world tour On the Run is smokin’ hot. She is burning up stages all across the planet. And I damn sure wasn’t going to miss it. So my friend Nicci and I bought some really good seats, some really sexy outfits, got a driver, some champagne, and went. It was epic. A game changer. Traditionally I’m really not much of a concert goer. I am more of a movie gal. But nothing was going to keep me from seeing Bee in person. And let me tell you, she is waayyyy sexier in person, if that’s even possible. I didn’t get to meet her face to face (somehow she must have missed my Instagram post inviting her to hang after the show) but her performance was flawless. Her outfits were killer (Ps I really think I need a fishnet body suit). But it was more than that. It was this beautiful creature who is a mom (like me), she works (like me), manages a marriage (like me) rocks it out. Her body is stellar,  her songs R E A L. And y’all. She can dance. Like she didn’t miss a beat. And everyone there was dressed up. We saw some amazing outfits in the audience. Heels, booties, short and tight, low cut and high rise. You name it, we saw it.  The thing is that this concert isn’t really wasn’t a concert. It is an event. And after the last glass of champagne was poured and the last song sung, I felt different. Bolder. Stronger. Sexier. It was then, as we left the Georgia Dome, that I realized Beyonce is a symbol. A symbol of women for women. A powerhouse. A woman we want to know, to be. She is a warrior. She is pro love, pro family, pro owning your own sexy. All the things I believe in. Which I am certain it is not easy. It’s not easy here in my world and add in the stress of fame, it can NOT be easy. And  yet she does it all. With style. And that is why I’m hopelessly devoted to you, B. For now, forever.

In honor of Ms. Carter here are my favorite Beyonce songs of all time in order


Crazy in Love

Drunk in Love

Love on Top



If I were a Boy


Naughty Girl





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