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Untitled-1While we we are designing a new space, we are always sure to incorporate pieces that we think represent and speak true to the client. Right now we are working on a project where the client loves plants – greenery – flowers – you name it. She loves botanical things, people. So we thought it would be fitting to hang some botanical prints/pictures above her new (bangin’) console table in her entryway. So we took to a little online shopping to help our idea come to life and we stumbled upon Empirical Style and fell in LOVE. These particular botanical charts just blew us away…the vintage style drawings on the dark canvas background with the wooden rods are just perfect. They have pages upon pages of different charts on their website (below we’ve listed four of our favorites). These graphic botanical images were illustrated by Jung-Koch-Quentell in the 1890′s and updated in the 1950′s and 1960′s. What’s even neater? These vintage style charts are still produced by the same family run printing company, using the same printing processes as in 1929 when they were first created. Old school- we dig it.

botan1 botan2

Apple Tree Print 

Pea Print

Tulip Print

Dog Rose Print

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