Instagram Takeover // Erika Preval


Erica is a lady who is all grace and charm. I was immediately drawn to her when we met at the Southern Summit in Charleston. Put together, refined and elegant, I knew instantly we would become friends.

Erika Preval, CEO and Founder of Charm Etiquette, is recognized as the go-to source for modern etiquette and leadership instruction in Atlanta, Georgia and beyond. Erika studied etiquette as a child and was presented to local society during her Debutante Cotillion. The catalyst for Charm Etiquette was the complexity of sharing the manners she’d learned at the family table with her daughters who were always on the go. Restaurant servers were often complimentary of the girls’ behavior when dining out – a reflection of the conduct learned at home. Despite the challenge of their busy schedules, Erika knew the importance of the girls having proficiency in social protocol and manners, and wanted to share those skills with others. She is a Certified Etiquette Consultant for youth ages 6-24, Erika  writes a monthly editorial on modern manners for The Southern Coterie. She’s pretty much the lady you want to know and have your children learn from with an extra dose of sweet and sassy.

As a mother, good manners are so important. In fact they are one of the most important things to me. Beyond yes ma’am and no ma’am, when a child is well groomed and well versed in etiquette, doors open up for them. You don’t hesitate to have them over. You welcome them in your home. This week she is taking over my Instagram. So follow along and play with us. Each day she will add a little etiquette lesson so we can all brush up together.

Psst be sure to follow her personal account as well to get a better look at this awesome woman!

Thanks Erica. We can’t wait!





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