Gallery Wall Inspirations

I have decided to take the leap and install a gallery wall above my (new) desk in my office/guest bedroom. I’m planning on getting a long skinny(ish) desk I can use as my work station art. Something long enough where I don’t have to clean up every time before moving on to another project. I’m envisioning a 2 ft x 7ft table built from old reclaimed wood by my guys at Landrum Tables in Charleston, SC. They build beautiful tables from old wood gathered throughout the Southeast Low Country. The problem is that  I can be about as indecisive as can be on these type projects…do I want symmetrical or random? Do I want only artwork or photos as well? Do I want only my artwork? Do I want mostly small pieces or a few large ones? Exactly, I over think it. So below I have pulled some beautiful inspiration pictures from Pinterest to help me through the process. After doing my research I realize that I gravitate more towards the skinny frames with a few large pieces as well as smaller ones to balance it out. I also realize I like the asymmetrical ones better, no need to worry myself about getting this perfectly aligned…that’s what makes them so interesting. I’m off to gather my prints and images but once this project is complete I will be sure to share.









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